Stage Lessons–welcome!


Can’t believe I’m doing another blog. But blogging basically consumes me–when I’m not performing. I have a need to get my words in print, and share what I’m learning.

Stage Lessons, as you can probably guess from the title, is stuff that I learn whilst acting in theaters around the Columbus, OH, area (AKA, my hometown). I’ve been acting since I was about three years old. I attribute this to being the oldest child of three, as well as my Italian/Irish/German ancestry, which leads to pursuing things that allow me to be front, center, and LOUD. :)I am all these things. Most of the time.

I’m a classically-trained contralto. Yes, a real contralto. I can sing up to a B-flat-5 (as in, the b-flat above the C above middle C). But I don’t do it that often, and the lower registers are my true loves. I love singing with baritones and basses! Of course that means that there’s limited roles for true contraltos, but I look for them!

I’m small and blonde, so usually people think I”m a little soprano. I’m not. As one of the voice teachers at my alma mater said, “You’re a little girl with a big voice.” I am. I’m proud of it!

So, actingwise. Did a lot of stuff as a kid–mostly school productions, some community classes and theater. High school/college less theater, and more training my voice and choral work. I was privileged to sing in several honor choirs and be conducted by wonderful guest conductors like Robert Trocchia and Jerry Ulrich. In college, I was a member of Capital University’s Women’s Chorus, then under the baton of Dr. Sandra Mathias, and part of the Conservatory of Music’s vocal music program, led by Dr. Lynda Hasseler. While there, I sang in several Christmas Festivals, and was in the chorus for the Conservatory’s production of Verdi’s Requiem my freshman year. That definitely remains one of the highlights of my musical life.

Post-college, I jumped into the local theater scene in 2008 as a ensemble/Red Rat Girl in Jekyll & Hyde. I followed that with the role of Essie in Jason Robert Brown’s Parade, and as Old Annie in Oliver! This year I’ve performed the role of Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest (Columbus Civic Theater) and am currently an ensemble member/immigrant/reporter/worker in Ragtime. I am always on the lookout for great roles and great songs.

Enter into the love of live performance with me!


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