Bringing the show to you

The last tech rehearsal was tonight. So now…we present the show to you, the audience. Which is really the best part. Because no matter how much we may think something is funny, or moving, or great, we really can’t tell until you are in the seats, reacting as we tell you this story.

Audience energy is a vital, but ephemeral, thing. When I was doing Parade in 2009–which is a very heavy show–there are some laugh lines in the second scene. And if people didn’t laugh in those scenes, we knew it would be a long, heavy show. Because there’s precious little humor in a murder trial and a lynching. Drama, yes. Pathos, yes. Awesome musical moments, yes. But not humor. And when the audience isn’t with you, then it can be a long show for even the most dedicated actor.

That doesn’t mean force a laugh. But come to the theater ready to experience what we are offering you. Come with your full attention (NO GAMEBOYS, or texting during the show!), and be open to what’s about to be performed for you. Because theater before a live audience is such a wonderful and glorious thing. Every night it is different, and you, the audience, have a very important part to play.  We feed off your energy. We want to give you the best possible experience.

In the words of Jerry Maguire–“help me, help you!” Or, from Gypsy, “Let (us) entertain you!”

Live theater is a fantastic experience for everyone. But to get the most out of it, come engaged, come prepared to enjoy yourself. (And, of course, come. We did an Earnest performance for four people in a snowstorm, and let me tell you, we were really grateful for those four people!) We do what we do for YOU, the audience! (And, yeah, a little bit to satisfy our overweening egos–ha!)

So if you’re in the area, come on out and support local live theater! We would love to see you!

(RAGTIME is NOT appropriate for kids. It is a very PG-13 show due to racially charged language. So as much as I love kids, you might want to leave them at home.)


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