What’s in the bag

Every show, I have a show kit–aka, a duffle bag or a tote bag. This contains:

  • Shoes (if needed–sometimes the shoes are the property of the theater and stored there, but usually I”m responsible for my footwear).
  • Hose/socks (depending on costume)
  • Second pair of hose/socks
  • Hair kit, which contains bobby pins, small claw clips, hairspray, brush.
  • Make-up kit, which includes a blush palette (Bobbi Brown) so if other people need makeup (like men or kids) I have options for them. And of course my makeup brush bag!
  • Extra make-up sponges
  • Makeup remover towelettes, for wiping off makeup mistakes, street makeup, or quickly cleaning brushes.
  • Any costume pieces I am responsible for, like a shawl, if I’m not keeping it at the theater.
  • Reading material (my Nook (AKA, Jane), or paperbacks, or magazines. Or all of them.)
  • Beverages (some sort of water)
  • Throat lozenges and hard candy (in case I need a sugar hit during Act II)
  • My camera! I love to get backstage shots. 🙂
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste–you never know….

I also always keep a “vital” make-up kit in my purse, so I’m never totally without blush, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick, or powder.


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