The benefits of video and photography

(especially during the rehearsal process.)

It took me a long time to be able to watch myself on video. I use to hate how my voice sounded, so I tried to avoid re-watching the tapes of shows. But now I see them as a really vital tool, especially in the rehearsal process.

Some folks tape rehearsals, to get a sense of sound and look, and when people post these, I make sure to watch. Sometimes I see things I can fix–like strange hand movements, or jerky gestures. Or things that need tweaking–like a facial expression in a photo. Photos, especially, can demonstrate how if you drop focus for just that one moment, things look weird!

I’m getting better about listening to my voice on playback, so that’s promising. Part of it is I’ve had 29+ years to get used to how I sound on tape, and part of it is I like my voice better, because I’ve grown into it. It’s not quite so odd hearing it from a 29 year old as it is from a 12 year old. 🙂

So if you have the chance to study video/photography, GO FOR IT. Even though it can have some cringe-worthy moments, it’s great to see what the audience is seeing, and you can adjust appropriately!


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