Auditioning II: Plays

Like I said in Part I, I think auditioning for plays is easier. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare! Here are some tips:

1) Read the play! (obvious, I know). My Tips for Actors says to read it AT LEAST three times before you audition. That way you know your character’s interaction with the others, you have a sense of character, the plot is firmly in the brain.

2) Learn the accent. Auditioning with an accent is a huge thing. I find watching dependable movies to help. BBC films for British, The Secret Lives of Bees, Gone With the Wind, etc. for Southern. Or listen to snippets of speech online.

3) If you have to have a monologue, select it, and then memorize it. Try to pick something that shows why you are right for this character/play.

4) “Block” your monologue. Figure out hand movements, if you want to sit, gestures, etc.

5) Do some research on the play. Who’s the author? What’s the performance history? The more preparation you do now, the better you will be prepared for the audition.

6) Dress to channel the character you want. That doesn’t mean be totally in costume, but try to suggest the character/era/situation in your clothing.

7) Be polite! Say thank you!

8) If you have to read with others, play nice. Don’t be standoffish.

9) bring a resume and head shot, if you have them. Bring copies (I usually bring between 3-5, just in case)

10) Be confident! Own that stage.



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