Fall Theater season begins!

(And winter theater season, and spring theater season…)

So, the summer is over. Summer musicals have wrapped, scores have been put away, and costumes stored for next season. But what if you want more theater?

You’re in luck. Fall is a super busy time for auditions. For theaters that run on an “academic” schedule (Sept-May/June), this is the time they are auditioning for their shows. Big winter/spring musicals often have auditions in October/November/December. As the year turns to 2012, then the summer theater auditions/rep theater/ summer musicals are being prepped.

So if you want to break out, check out the local theater companies and see what shows they’ll be doing. See if you like any of them. I tend to audition only for musicals I really like. Plays, I’m a bit more adventurous (OK, a lot more adventurous!).

It’s a good idea to get your resume together, and to check your headshots–are they still an approximately accurate photo? Do you need more copies? It might not be a bad idea to start or revisit the audition notebook. Check your closet for audition worthy outfits, and look over those audition cuts of music! Do you need monologues? Check out libraries or bookstores for books and find some favorites. Practice them-which also means staging them.  You don’t want to just “stand and deliver.” Put copies of the resume, headshots, music and/or reading in a thin black binder so you can whip them out. Remember to put the music in page protectors for ease of turning!

For additional audition tips, see Auditioning for Musicals and Auditioning for Plays.

Any questions? Ask me in the combox!


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