Fall audition #1

My first fall audition is on the books, and I am really excited!

It’s Columbus Civic’s A Christmas Carol, adapted and directed by a former Earnest castmate of mine (he played Jack Worthing in the show). He does great work, both adapting, writing, directing and acting, so I would love to be a part of this show.

The audition consists of reading from the script.

I’ve actually never been in a production of A Christmas Carol, so this would be a fun challenge, because it is one of my favorite Dickens works (and works, period). The novel itself is so rich with story, character, and detail, so every adaptation pulls something new from it. But it’s also beloved because of the character that we know–Scrooge, Marley, Bob Crachit, the Spirits, Fezziwig, and of course, Tiny Tim.

Do you have a favorite adaptation of the story? (movie or stage version) Mine are, in no particular order: The Muppets’ Christmas Carol (“This is our island in the sun!). Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, (especially the music!), and Mickey’s Christmas Carol, which is animated beautifully, and Scrooge McDuck is a perfect, um, Scrooge. 🙂


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