Audition wrap

So, audition over.

Now I”m waiting for the call, which I hate. It reminds me too much of high school dances.


When I was there, there were three other women and three men. There are parts for two men, and four women. The director took us back individually. I went second.

He went over my resume with me and asked if I had a monologue. I said I didn’t, but I’d prepared scenes from the script. The character I read for has a small monologue in a scene with her father, so the director called back one of the men waiting and asked him to read the dad so I could do the scene.

It was a good scene–a few pages–and I did what I set out to do. I didn’t get nervous or flub my lines, or stop. It’s always weird to audition with someone else, because you’re trying to react to them and do the reading as you practiced it. But I thought it went well (so did the man I read with; he told me after that I’d done a good job.).

I saw the director taking notes while I was doing the scene, so I’m guessing that’s good. Well, it can be good or bad. I’ve seen directors do both with both results.

He wants to start rehearsals–reading rehearsals, not blocking–in December, so I imagine we’ll know fairly quickly. Real rehearsals, with blocking, etc. start in January.

So–that’s that. I did my best and I was pretty happy with how I did.


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